17. April 2024


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How to Create the Ultimate No Makeup Makeup Look

We all work so hard to create the best no makeup looks ever, and despite the name, we use lots of makeup to do so! I think I have curated the best products ever to make sure we always look flawless.

Step 1: Wash, Wash, Wash

To create a real no-makeup makeup, look your skin must be squeaky clean before applying any makeup! Otherwise, anything you put on your skin could look cakey which is a huge no-no in the world of no makeup, makeup.

I usually will first clean my skin with this Bioderma micellar water, then go in with my blueberry facewash (which smells AMAZING) from Glow Recipe, and then lastly, I’ll add in glosser’s solution to really get any other dirt out of my skin.

Step 2: Moisture & Prep

You need to saturate and prepare your skin very well to guarantee that you’ll get the best no cosmetics look of all time.

I utilize the Laniege Water Bank lotion (you don’t require excessively) and afterward I give that around 5 mins to sink into my skin (I clean my teeth or hair or simply accomplish something different while pausing).

After the Laniege water cream I will utilize the Charlotte Tilbury wonder shine groundwork. I track down this groundwork truly gives me that shining from inside base that will allow individuals to imagine that my skin is normally immaculate and glowy!

Step 3: Conceal

Now that we’re prepped our skin for what’s to come, it’s time to make a decision. Tinted moisturizer + concealer, or just concealer? Depending on the day and how my skin is acting at the moment I like to see how much really needs and then decide if I need the extra layer of tinted moisturizer.

If my skin needs the extra coverage that day, I like to use the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer, I just rub it all over my face with my fingers, so it really blends in seamlessly.

Next, I will add Charlotte Tilbury’s magic away concealer (or if you didn’t use the tinted moisturizer you start here). I’ll apply it with its applicator but blend it out with a wet beauty blender. This concealer is light to medium coverage so it’s really great for when you just want a little bit of coverage, I find it makes my skin look like my normal skin but better.

Step 4: Add some colour

To make the most astounding no cosmetics look we need to add the ideal measure of shading to our countenances to guarantee that you don’t resemble a pale void face. You need the ideal measure of redden, bronzer, and feature to make it appear as though you easily normally look that way!

The items I use to make this are the Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer, Glossiers cloud paint in Beam, and the Charlotte Tilbury sorcery stick highlighter.

In the first place, I start by doing a kind of form with my bronzer and simply go over any spaces that would normally be hit by the sun. I form my cheek bones (ever so slightly — you don’t have any desire to have the option to see a line of bronzer all over), I shape the sides of my nose, and afterward I put some bronzer on the highest point of my temple and the sides of my face where I would generally be hit by the sun.

Then, I’ll take a touch of the Glossier cloud paint on two of my fingers and simply mix the become flushed in by tapping it on the high places of my cheeks, I’ll likewise add some to the tip of my nose for a more sun kissed look in some cases!

Ultimately for this part I’ll add the Charlotte Tilbury wizardry stick highlighter to feature my nose and cheekbones, then, at that point, I’ll buff this out with my fingers. I discover my fingers give me more control and make the mixing substantially more normal.

An additional one seemingly insignificant detail I do is take my finger to the Omega Bronzer and pat a portion of this on my eyelids to guarantee that my eyelids have a tad of a shape also. I just add a bit of shading here, it simply makes your eyelids look more regular since they are something that would get a hit of the sun in case you were truly out tanning!

Step 5: Brow Time

I’ve just recently began my journey through the eyebrow makeup world and the two products I have been using and loving are the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit, and then Glossier Boy Brow. I usually use the Anastasia pencil to brush my eyebrows up, so they look fluffy and voluptuous, and then fill in wherever is needed with the pencil. Then to keep things in place I’ll go in with a bit of boy brow on top, again brushing up!

Step 6: The Eyes

A no cosmetics look is troublesome on the grounds that eyes are a particularly significant factor to cosmetics and can truly investigate relaxed and serene to shimmering evening to remember. Since we’ve as of now added some tone to our tops with the bronzer, I generally will simply keep my tops as they are, go in with an eyelash curling iron, and utilize two mascaras on top of one another to get the specific lash look I need. Glossiers Lash Slick is stunning yet doesn’t generally give the dramatization that I’m searching for, which is the reason I generally go in with the Charlotte Tillburry incredible lashes subsequently.

So, there you have it! The perfect no makeup makeup look, obviously these are just the products I recommend but please go ahead and try it out with any product! Be creative and it’ll turn out great.