17. April 2024


the more we post, the more you learn


Alright, so I know there are a lot of more regrettable things occurring on the planet this moment, however I’m not going to mislead anybody and say that the entire quarantine circumstance didn’t make them worry over how ratchet my nails planned to look.

For my purposes, having my nails done misdirects me into thinking I have my coexistence, so as my nails began breaking and chipping, I was unable to exposed to check out them any more. Amazon to the salvage, not surprisingly. What might I manage without her?! Assuming you need to repair your nails in isolation, and have UV hard gel nails, as I do, I got you covered. Continue to peruse and I will make them resemble this ? once more.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is head to Amazon ASAP and get all of these things since they may take a week or so to come (everything I ordered below came within 6 days).

1. Orly Gel Fx Builder In A Bottle Intro Kit

It comes with gel primer, hard gel builder (which strengthens the nail so it doesn’t break), nail forms (which you can use to extend your length or shape without having to add a fake nail), top coat that you can put over your color, and two very sharp, handy nail files/buffers.

  1. Lavender Violets Gel Nail Color Set (or a nail shade of your decision)

You can utilize either gel nail tone or ordinary nail clean. By and by, I like to utilize gel since I discover it generally keeps going longer than normal tone. Chips are not an energy. I fundamentally exclusively wear light pinks and lavender shades, so I went with this set to change around colors during isolation and dazzle my porter (the main individual seeing me nowadays, SOS).

3. UV LED Nail Lamp

OK, so I realize this appears to be extra AF, however I was unable to not get this for just $39, and it peculiarly works better compared to any of the lights I’ve utilized at salons! You realize when you’re at the salon, and you put your hand under the light and the gel gets hot and it consumes for a couple of moments? In a real sense never occurs with this light! However, it’s additionally really dislike I have anything better to do in isolation other than gaze out my window longingly.

4. TouchBeauty Nail Drill

Yes, a nail DRILL sounds terrifying, but they’re actually super easy to use. I am EXTREMELY paranoid about hurting myself so I used this in tandem with the sharp nail file that came in the Orly intro kit. The nail drill comes with a bunch of heads that work for different uses and the instruction manual is super straightforward. But you don’t even need that because you have me, duh. You’re welcome.

5. Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue

This baby right here SAVED my life for the first few weeks when my nails had any little fracture, I would use this and it would look good as new. I honestly thought with all this quarantine cooking (ugh, when will it end?!), it wouldn’t last, but I can attest to it keeping my shape in tact for three weeks now. I know it’s not the best long term solution, but it’s perfect in a pinch, so you don’t have the dreaded stubby ripped nail.

6. Cuticle nail set

This is pretty self explanatory, but also necessary. The exact set I used sold out but this one looks cute, so linking this. I don’t think you can go wrong with a set like this.

7. Blossom Cuticle Oil

I mean if we’re going to do a home manicure, we might as well go all out, right? Also, it smells AMAZING.

8. Dr. Jart Hand & Foot Mask

Not totally nail treatment related, yet I expected to crush this in here since we are on the whole cleaning our hands 5,000,000 times each day. How about we be genuine, yours are probs looking somewhat dry. This veil is astounding to give your hands some truly necessary dampness and TLC. Why of a charming nail trim if your hands resemble the Sahara?!

My quick steps on how to do the at home gel fill:

  1. File your nails in the shape you like, abbreviate them now, if important
  2. Use the TouchBeauty Nail drill with the Emery Head coarse on medium speed to remove your old gel nail tone. In case you’re similar to me and you’re stressed over harming your regular nail under or cutting your skin on the sides, utilize the nail drill generally in the center of the nail and afterward utilize the Orly nail document to dispose of the external clean.
  3. Once you’ve gotten off all the nail shading you will need to scrape down the old hard gel overlay so it is inline however much as could reasonably be expected with your normal nail. Once more, I utilized a blend of the coarse emery drill and Orly record for this.
  4. Take your fingernail skin shaper and cautiously eliminate any dead skin. Then, utilize the fingernail skin pusher to push down your nail bed to prolong your nails.
  5. Once your nails are polished down and your fingernail skin are prepared, brush away any nail tidy and scrub your nails with scouring liquor on a q-tip.
  6. For stages 6-13, work a few nails all at once and rehash for your different nails you presently can’t seem to deal with. Take the Orly gel nail groundwork, and put it on the lower part of your nail where you have normal nail development.
  7. Take the Orly Gel Fx Builder in a Bottle and brush it on your whole nail, stopping briefly at the base so you get the vast majority of the gel on your regular nail where the gel is generally required.
  8. Harden and dry the gel by putting them under the UV LED light for somewhere around 60 seconds.
  9. Once your nails are dry, wipe them again with a q-tip absorbed scouring liquor.
  10. Take your preferred nail shade and swipe it over your nails. In case you are utilizing standard nail clean, you don’t have to put it under the light. In case you’re utilizing gel nail tone, put it under the light for an additional 60 seconds.
  11. Repeat stage 10 briefly layer of nail tone.
  12. Take your Orly top cover and do a light coat over your nails. Put your hand under the light for an additional 60 seconds.
  13. Wipe your nails with a liquor doused cotton trade once more. On the off chance that you have any clean missteps on your skin, utilize a Q-tip absorbed CH3)2CO to clear those off.
  14. Finish with the fingernail skin oil and Dr. Jart hand veil (or hand cream of your decision).

*Note: Since I used the nail glue, I didn’t have to use the Orly nail forms, as I still had length. BUT if you have mismatched length, you can use it before putting on the builder gel before step 7.

Ta-da, my nails surprisingly somehow turned out? Like, I wouldn’t give myself a great Yelp review because I took forever and it wasn’t the most relaxing of experiences, but at least my nails don’t look like old tic tacs at the bottom of my purse anymore. **Warning: unnecessary nail flex below… Did you really think i’d write this article without obnoxiously showing off my skills? My eyebrows, on the other hand, are not to be spoken about.