17. April 2024


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What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health

USA, California

When I was in my late 20s, I remember looking at my fingernails and I seeing these tiny dents in them. I first noticed them in my left pointer finger. I racked my brain, thinking maybe I got it stuck in a door or hit something a few times, but obviously we remember those kinds of painful experiences.

Then, at that point, I saw the little gouges on each nail — I continued to run my hands over the scores. Perhaps I was wearing an excessive amount of nail clean or there was a skin item I was utilizing that my nails didn’t care for. My grandma let me know it was most likely in light of the fact that I was deficient with regards to something in my eating regimen — something I’d never truly contemplated.

The gouges in the long run disappeared, however they returned during my pregnancies in general.

Truly, our fingernails can be a window into what’s happening within our bodies, very much like our skin and hair can denounce any kind of authority when we are accomplishing something our bodies don’t care for.

We might figure our nails aren’t fit as a fiddle from counterfeit nails, a lot of clean, or picking at them to an extreme, which is conceivable. Nonetheless, harmed, spotted, feeble, or furrowed nails can likewise be a sign of different issues.

Unnerving Mommy talked with Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Founder of Dr. BaileySkinCare.com by means of email, and she gave us some extraordinary knowledge into what our fingernails are attempting to inform us regarding our wellbeing.


What I had in my late 20s is called Transverse lines, also known as Beau’s lines. Bailey says that this is the most common nail problem she sees. Sometimes all the nails contain the horizontal line, and other times it is more noticeable on the larger nails like your thumb and index finger. 

Bailey says, “This can happen because of trauma or because of an illness.” Trauma or illness can cause your nails to temporarily stop growing as “your body needs to put all of its energy into healing,” says Bailey. These lines will grow out eventually — about six months after the trauma or illness — and keep in mind you won’t notice the lines three months after the illness or trauma.


Pitting, or little ice-pick discouragements in the nails, can be an indication of different issues. Bailey says, “The most well-known issue related with nail pitting is psoriasis. Individuals with psoriasis regularly have nail issues.” If you have seen pitting in your nails it very well may be an indication of joint inflammation. “There are concentrates on that show psoriatic nail changes can be related with joint inflammation,” says Bailey, “so I generally look at the nails of my patients with psoriasis and ask how their joints are getting along.”


When the fingertips appear thickened and abnormally bulbous, this is known as clubbing. “This can be a sign of low oxygen content in the blood which can occur in lung disease or heart failure. See your doctor if you think you have this type of nail problem,” says Bailey.

Dark Lines

In the event that you at any point see dull lines or streaks under the nails, Bailey exhorts seeing your PCP immediately. The special case is in the event that you have them on numerous nails and have a hazier complexion. For this situation, Bailey says dull lines can be typical. “Be that as it may, in the event that you out of nowhere notice another dim streak under your nail, especially when no different nails have dim streaks, this is motivation to see your PCP,” she says.

Melanoma skin cancer can grow underneath the nail and show up as a dark streak. It is important to catch early. Bailey adds, “Keep in mind that people with dark skin types are at higher risk of melanoma on the hands and feet than people with a lighter skin typ

Blood Clots

In the event that you have at any point harmed your nails and seen little blood clusters that run the long way along your nails, these are known as splinter hemorrhages. Bailey says on the off chance that you type a great deal, you might get these at the tips of your nails, which isn’t a lot of cause for concern. Nonetheless, splinter hemorrhages can be an indication of a basic sickness.

“This is especially conceivable when a few nails are influenced and when the splinters are nearer to the fingernail skin than the tip of the nail. For this situation, they might be an indication of a blood disease called endocarditis where microscopic organisms in your circulation system land on the heart valve,” says Bailey.

One more condition related with splinter hemorrhages is vasculitis which is “aggravation of your veins which can be seen in immune system sicknesses, among different conditions.” says Bailey. In the event that you notice these side effects, consider your primary care physician and make an arrangement.

Blueish Nails

If you have bad circulation (like I do), you may notice that your fingernails look blue when you are cold. While this is normal, Bailey says if your fingernails always look blue as “it could be a concerning finding called cyanosis which means low amounts of oxygen in the blood.” This also requires a quick call to your doctor where they will most likely check your blood, heart, and lungs, says Bailey.


In the event that your fingernails turn up at the closures, otherwise called spooning, this can be relegated to an iron insufficiency, says Bailey. Remember, this spooning impact is really normal and ordinary in infants however in grown-ups, it as a rule implies something isn’t right.

Fragile Nails

More common problems (especially in women) are rough, cracked nails, or nails that break easily. Healthline reports this could be from constant wetting of the nails. If you are someone who has to constantly wash hands or get your hands wet, wearing gloves can be a quick fix. 

You can also try lotions to strengthen your nails, but if this doesn’t work, Healthline says you should call your doctor as it could be hypothyroidism or an iron deficiency. 

If your nails are peeling with no recollection of trauma, your diet may be low in iron. Healthline suggests taking biotin, or upping foods rich in iron such as lentils, potato skins, or red meat.

Yellow Nails

Yellow nails are really normal as well and could mean a couple of things. The staining could be the consequence of anything from a contamination of the nail to an item like nail clean. There are numerous over the counter medicines for yellow nails, yet in case you’re concerned, most certainly contact your PCP.

Thus, regardless of whether you feel fine however notice something other than what’s expected with regards to your nails, focus. Changes in the nail frequently mean something within us isn’t working as expected, and focus on the signs our nails are giving us.