17. April 2024


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Can’t Get Your Baby To Take A Bottle? This Mom Has A Unique Hack

If you have a breastfed baby who takes to a bottle without issue, good for you. But for so many moms, that’s not the experience they’ve had, or are having, with their babies. And make no mistake, it can make going back to work, or even running errands alone, positively dreadful (sometimes even impossible) for mothers. 

It’s a stressful situation is for everyone involved. Not only does a baby refusing a bottle create tension on the hungry baby, but it also causes stress for the parents and whoever may be watching the little one. This, in turn, causes even more stress on the baby because they are picking up on their caregiver’s chaotic energy. Then you’re in a shitstorm with a crying, hungry baby (and possibly even a crying caregiver), and in the end, everybody is begging mom to come back home.

You see it via online media — new and experienced mothers the same frantic to track down the right sort of jug for their breastfed child. Or then again, some at no other time considered little known technique that fools them into drinking from something not directly from the source. We’ve seen pictures of fathers cleverly cutting openings into their shirts, staying the areola of a jug through them, and taping an image of mother’s face to their own. However, I will put it all out there and dare to say that you’ve never seen the glue bra stunt that is so basic you’ll ask why you’ve never considered it.

TikToker @shiskaboobs (how fitting) is praised for her dynamic DIY — adhesive bra bottles. Some might say it’s outrageous, others may think it to be funny, but breastfeeding moms everywhere are thinking one thing: how genius. 

This mom claims that her baby is weaned and she just wanted to share her idea with others who may find it useful. But it seems she is no stranger to the challenges presented when switching a breastfed baby over to a bottle. “Getting breastfed babies to take a bottle is a bitch,” @shiskaboobs said in the captions on her video.

*and all the breastfeeding moms said amen*

She begins by cutting openings right in the focal point of her cement bra where you’d envision areolas may be. She then, at that point, divertingly sticks a Comotomo bottle areola through the openings and shows as her child takes to the fake “boobie” without issue. The video with more than 30 million perspectives was intended to be a joke, yet clients couldn’t move past how splendid this hack is. Some even expressed that they planned to give it a shot for their angels.

“I need to attempt this,” said one parent.

“That is really a smart thought,” said another.

“OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER,” another mom remarked.

Furthermore, we concur. Yet, while a few guardians were contemplating how splendid this hack is intended for when mother is away or working, a few others had various thoughts regarding who might get the best use out of these artificial boobies.

“There you go now men can take care of the infants … mums can get some rest,” one analyst said.

Dads, it looks like your excuses have run dry with this trick out in the open. Get ready to go shopping, because it’s adhesive bra-buying time. 

Moms might already own a pair of these bad boys for backless dresses or strapless tops. If you do, then you already know how life-like they are. Most of them even come in a variety of colors to match skin tones. They are like little implants for the outside of your body.

I know that when my kids were nursing, they craved the squishy feeling of my breasts — something they couldn’t get from a bottle. They liked to knead at my boobs as if they were their little stress balls. Even if on my end it felt more like I was their human punching bag or scratchpad. This adhesive bra trick might just give little ones that same input they are seeking. 

This hack moms have been looking for could be no farther than the rear of their closet spaces. Jugs implied for breastfed children aren’t ensured to chip away at each breastfed child. That, yet they can get exorbitant. A solitary container can cost upwards of $30 or more. In the event that your breastfed child doesn’t care for it, you’re basically washing huge amount of cash away for good. This can be considerably more pressure inciting for guardians who are ballin’ on a careful spending plan.

I’ve even seen a few guardians taking to web-based media to check whether they can basically get a wide range of containers to make sure they can track down the right one to buy for their child without spending boocoo bucks. Since let’s face it, it’s hard supporting burning through $30+ on a container that may work.

With this modest, glue bra hack, guardians and children the same may very well have the option to have the smartest possible solution.