25. May 2024


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If You Lose Sight Of Your Kid In A Public Place, Take This Mom’s Advice

As if having children in and of itself isn’t absolutely terrifying, nothing makes your heart race more than the fear of losing that child in public. If you place yourself into the “it will never happen to me” category, let me be the first to tell you as a mom of multiple small children, it happens in the blink of an eye. 

A mom on the social media platform shared this genius hack about finding your lost kid in a public place: 


PSA that I feel can save kids and I’ve used- if your child goes missing in public #momsoftiktok #PSA #nojudgement #fyp #4up #besafe #parentsoftiktok

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The first (and express gratitude toward God just) time I lost my youngster in a public spot he was three years of age. We were on our first family excursion out of state and I was pushing his sibling in the buggy through Disney Springs when my kid recognized a dinosaur. Before I knew it his little legs were running, and he was no more. The following couple of moments felt like an unending length of time, however I’m certain it couldn’t have been over a little while. I was going around wildly looking for my kid, attempting to explore a carriage and going to the high sky he didn’t run into some unacceptable individual. At the time I told nobody since it wasn’t at the forefront of my thoughts.

This TikTok could’ve in a real sense changed the game for me. The mother states “What you need to would is you like to begin boisterously searching for them. Don’t quietly search for them.” Hello, did I make reference to that I told nobody as I damn close separated in the T-Rex Cafe?

She then, at that point, proceeds to say, “You begin yelling their portrayal while you look. I’m searching for a kid, age five, red shirt, short earthy colored hair, earthy colored eyes, Caucasian, red Nike shirt, dark shorts. What’s more, you will continue rehashing the same thing as you are looking.” The redundancy of the portrayal completes two things, it puts others around you on aware of search for the kid and it draws consideration so that in case anybody was endeavoring to leave with them they upheaval makes it almost certain for them to release your kid.


I’ve since had two more children, and the idea of going out in public with all of them NEVER feels any less daunting. I am of the mindset of whatever it takes so I am not ashamed at all to take precautionary measures to make sure no one runs off. But trust when I say that I have considered everything from those little leash backpacks (because my kids are runners) to AirTags and everything in between. Aside from this TikTok “hack”, here are a couple of additional ideas to ensure child safety when out in public

  • Secure the child. Seems like a no brainer, but if you have a kid that tends to run/wander, you want to make sure said child is secure. Whether you do so with a stroller or something else is up to you.
  • If you have multiple children, dress them alike/similarly in public. Giving a description of what your child is wearing in the heat of the moment will be SO MUCH easier to remember.
  • Write your phone number on your child’s arm with a marker before heading into a crowded place.
  • Once your child is old enough to understand, have repeated conversations with them about what to do if you’re separated in public. This includes behaviors such as who to approach for help (an employee, another mom with children), what information to provide them with and what are acceptable actions to take to find you (like… never getting in anyone’s car to search for you).

By the day’s end, sh*t occurs, and surprisingly awesome of guardians have terrible days. Realizing how to deal with the terrible days are our redeeming quality. Also, tips like these fair might assist us with getting results rather than thoroughly blowing a gasket.